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Golden City Clerk

911 10th Street Golden, CO 80304


Application for City of Golden Presiding Municipal Judge

I. The information you provide in questions 1 - 19 is public information and will be released upon request if the applicant is selected for a personal interview by City Council.

A. Personal Information

1. Full Name

2. Work Address

B. Educational Background

C. Professional Background and Experience

D. Miscellaneous

16a. Colorado judges are expected to use computer technology for a wide variety of functions including word processing, legal research, case management, e-filing and e-mail. Do you personally use a computer for any of the purposes listed above or for similar purposes?

18. Please attach a statement not to exceed one page in length, double-spaced, Arial 12pt font, discussing: (a) your knowledge of and experience with Golden Municipal court and (b) the reasons why you wish to be appointed to this vacancy and the unique qualities you would bring to the bench if appointed.

19a. Please review the Golden Vision 2030 document.

II. The following information in questions 20 - 24 is NOT public information to the extent allowed by law. It is for the use of City staff and City Council.

F. Professional Conduct and Ethics

Please upload a cover letter, resume and professional references.

Certificate of Applicant & Waiver

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