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Downtown Development Authority

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Arts & Culture Grant Application Instruction and Form

Thank you for your interest in applying for an arts and culture grant. The DDA values funding for arts and cultural organizations that promote and offer innovative programming that enhances the community’s character and culture. Enclosed you will find eligibility requirements, guidelines, application and funding process, and the application form.

The DDA has allocated $15,000 for this grant program in 2019.

Arts and Culture Grant Eligibility

  • Your organization must serve the purpose of promoting arts and culture and project, program, or exhibit must be located within the DDA boundaries.
  • Acceptable uses of funding include, but are not limited to:
    • Rent subsidies
    • Exhibition costs
    • Reduced admission fees
    • Interior enhancements
    • Exhibit sponsorship 
    • Capital Improvements
  • If you intend to use other businesses/contractors to meet your project goals you must provide written quotes from at least two different businesses and/or contractors in order to eligible for this grant.
    • Priority will be given to applicants that intend to use businesses  and/or contractors located within the City of Golden

Arts and Culture Grant Guidelines

  • The DDA awards grants on a reimbursement basis; grants do not apply to past work. Please submit application prior to committing to or undertaking any work that is dependent on potential DDA Grant funding.
  • Completion of the project should take less than twelve months after funding approval, barring any unforeseen circumstances.
  • Priority will be given to requestors that demonstrate a financial gain to downtown businesses and the City of Golden, as well as enhance the area’s character and culture.
  • All submittals become public once received by the DDA.
  • All recipient organizations must operate in an open and transparent manner with financial statements available for reasonable inspection.
  • The DDA will only provide financial assistance to programs and organizations that have a very strong nexus to Golden. Casual or infrequent use by Golden citizens is not enough connection in and of itself.
  • The DDA does not intend to become a regular, anticipated funding partner with any organization. We hope that our limited funding will enable worthwhile organizations to establish permanent funding sources; rise to new levels of service; meet an urgent need or take advantage of a unique opportunity. Likewise, if we can help build a small or large improvement that will last for many years and contribute to life in Golden we are interested in making one-time or occasional contributions.
  • The DDA reserves the right to reject any and all applications and to waive minor irregularities in grant applications.
  • If there might be a conflict of interest, you must clearly state the potential conflict in your grant application. If you do not disclose your potential conflict during the application process, the DDA has the right to revoke your grant if the DDA discovers a conflict after you or your business has been approved for funding.
    • The DDA defines conflict of interest as it relates to the DDA grant funding program as follows:
      •  Grant funds cannot be used on any other projects other than for the purposes stated in your grant application.
      • Funding cannot be used to financially benefit a business or interest of relative(s).
      • DDA funding cannot be used to provide personal financial benefit.
  • All activities must comply with City of Golden ordinances and not break any laws.

Application and Funding Process:

  • Applications will be accepted throughout the year.
  • You might be asked to present your funding request to the DDA board at a regularly scheduled DDA meeting which occurs on the 3rd Monday of every month at 6:30 p.m. at 911 10th Street (Golden City Council Chambers).
  • If awarded a grant, you must agree to the terms listed in the grant contract.
  • After you agree to the grant contract, work has been completed and proof of payment for your project has been submitted to DDA staff (when applicable), you will be reimbursed within 4 to 6 weeks up to the grant award amount.

Contact the DDA:
(303) 384-8080

The Golden Downtown Development Authority does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, religion, age or disability in the provision of services.

Arts & Culture Grant Application

Full Name

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  • If you plan to use contractors or other businesses to meet your project goals, please submit at least two written quotes.
  • By signing below, you agree that all the information provided in and attached to this grant application is correct.

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