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Block Party Application

A neighborhood Block Party is a great way for neighbors to connect!  


In Golden, we value events as a way to maintain friendliness and connections with neighbors and other residents.  Block Parties are localized, self-organized events that benefit the entire City by creating welcoming, close-knit communities. 

Should I apply for a block party permit?


A block party permit allows you to:

  • close a street in your neighborhood for the gathering
  • obtain an open container permit to responsibly serve alcohol
  • play amplified music
  • invite your neighbors for a community - building event.
  • invite one food truck to serve your neighbors

Block parties generally occur on weekends, and amplified music must end by 9:30 on weeknights or 10:30 pm on Friday or Saturday due to the Golden municipal code. 

You will be required to obtain the permission of your neighbors to close the street. Contacting your neighbors personally and getting their signatures will demonstrate neighborhood support for the event.   


There is a $40 block party application fee plus a $1.50 processing fee that is payable online with a credit card.  

Make sure your completed application is submitted no less than 21 days from the intended date of your event. Applications submitted with less than 21 days from the date of the event will not be considered for approval.


I'm ready to apply!

If you are ready to proceed with your Block Party Application, there are a few items needed to ensure a complete application.  You may want to prepare these items before beginning the application. 


You will need to submit:


 - A map of the location requested for your event. The location you request may not be the location that is approved. City staff reserves the right to adjust the location based on traffic flow impacts and other considerations.  You will be notified of the approved location.

 - A site plan sketch showing barricades for road closures, tents, tables, food truck and any other party items that will be placed in the street. 

 - Street closure petition with signatures from your neighbors.  This form can be downloaded and printed here. A majority of the neighbors within the closure must give approval for the closure. 

- Complete contact information for any food truck that has been invited to serve food at the event.


You will be asked to upload these files at the end of the online application process.

Start Your Application Here:

What is the date of your event?

Date Picker

Will alcohol be served at your event?

If alcohol is being served in conjunction with a Block Party Permit, all sections of the Municipal code of The City of Golden, 8.04.820, must be followed, including the following:

Applicants must be over 21 years of age to request an Open Container Permit. 

The responsible person or organization must describe the procedures that will be used to ensure underage persons, or persons under the influence of alcohol, will not obtain or consume fermented malt or alcoholic beverages served at the event.

The responsible person or organization must describe the procedures that are likely to secure and supervise the area and participants.

The applicant must agree to provide sandwiches or food (potlucks are acceptable) at the event during the time consumption is permitted in an amount sufficient to serve the persons in attendance. A food truck may also be invited to serve at the event. 

Do you plan to invite a food truck to your event?

Does the Food Truck hold a current City of Golden Sales Tax License?

Clean-Up and Trash Removal

The applicant must agree to be personally responsible for and provide financial guarantees to ensure the cleaning, trash disposal or repairs necessary as a result of the event.

Are you requesting a street closure for your event


  • Applicants requesting street closures must indicate barricades and other traffic control devices on the site plan sketch uploaded with the application.
  • All street closures must emphasize emergency vehicle access by leaving a 20 foot wide clearance in the street.
  • The City of Golden Streets Division will review the requests and make changes as deemed necessary.  Applicant will be notified of any changes upon approval of the application.  
  • All traffic control devices and plans must meet the "Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices Standards." (MUTCD).  
  • Traffic control devices will be provided to the applicant upon receipt of a $100 deposit which will be refunded upon return of the devices.  
  • The City of Golden reserves the right to stop any activity if proper traffic control is not correctly  in place during the event. 

Block Party Applicants will be notified by the Streets Division of the date and pick-up time of all traffic control devices. 

Block Party Rules and Regulations

Important!  Please read and sign.

The responsible person or organization, as a condition of being granted a block party permit within the City, agrees to abide by the following rules, regulations and conditions established by the City of Golden:


  • The services and activities provided by the event are those of an independent entity and not as an employee, officer, official or agent of the City.


  • The responsible person or organization shall indemnify and hold harmless the City, its officers, officials, employees and self-insurance pool from and against any and all damage and loss to person or property and shall defend the City from any and all claims, demands, suits, actions or proceedings of any kind, including costs of actions and reasonable expert fees and attorney fees incurred by the City in any way resulting from or arising out of the community event. This provision shall not and is not intended, in any way or manner, to waive or cause the waiver of the defenses or limitations on damages provided by the Colorado Governmental Immunity Act, Section 24-10-101 et seq., Colorado Revised Statues, the Colorado Constitution, or the common law or laws of the United States or Colorado.


  • The responsible person or organization, if holding the community event on City property shall, upon conclusion of the event, return the site to its pre-event condition immediately.



By signing below, the applicant agrees that they have read and agree to abide by all the rules, regulations and conditions set forth in this application. Failure to comply with any of the conditions stated in this application could result in forfeiture of the traffic control device deposit, or the denial of future applications. Please sign to indicate agreement:

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Block Party Application Fee


There is a $40 application fee for block parties, plus a $1.50 processing fee.  This fee is payable by credit card. 

Online Block Party Application Payment

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