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City of Golden

911 10th St., Golden, CO, 80401, US


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Operational Permit

This form is for an Operational Permit which includes the following:
  • Hot Works (cutting/welding)
  • Explosives (fireworks/blasts)
  • Aboveground flammable liquid or LPG tanks/equipment
  • Open Burning (non-recreational)
  • Tents (> 700 square feet) – special events
  • Pyrotechnic special effects materials use and handling
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All required documents, information, diagrams, and verification per 2018 IFC Operational Permit Section

Make sure that all documents have the correct address, the address of the project. All Applications with incorrect addresses will be cancelled and will NOT be refunded. Confirm address at Jefferson County Address Wizard, check 'Property Data' and under Mill Levy Detail you will see fire district NOTE: NOT EVERY ADDRESS IN GOLDEN IS WITHIN THE GOLDEN FIRE DEPARTMENT JURISDICATION

By creating an account in Seamless Docs you are able to track the progress of your plans submitted. Status will be posted and all conversations shall be done within Seamless (Conversation) to have as permanent record. All additional information and documents shall be attached within Seamless (Attached) to have as permanent record. By utilizing Seamless we are able to keep correspondences, questions, comments, requests and documents in one central location attached to specific file for reference

Refer to our Fire Prevention & Life Safety page at and review all requirements in our Golden Fire Code Construction and Operational Permit Guide
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