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City of Golden

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Fire Permit Revision

This form is requested via Golden Fire Department for required revisions to a fire alarm, fire suppression, kitchen hood, BDA communicator or other fire permit.

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Please combine your documents into one (1) file to upload into the system. Plan drawings can be uploaded as one (1) file to ‘Plan Drawings/Scope of Work Letter’ (REQUIRED UPLOAD). Manufacturer Data Sheets can be uploaded as one (1) to ‘Manufacture Product Description’. Calculations can be uploaded as one (1) file to ‘Calculations’.

Drawings shall have a NICET III or PE stamp and signature.You will receive notification that this application was received; THIS IS NOT A PERMIT TO COMMENCE WORK AT THIS POINT IT IS ONLY NOTICE THAT DOCUMENTS WERE SUBMITTED AND RECEIVED.

If you have further questions contact Deputy Fire Marshal Katie Quintana at 303-215-8887 or

Make sure that all documents have the correct address, the address of the project. All Applications with incorrect addresses will be cancelled and will NOT be refunded.

By creating an account in Seamless Docs you are able to track the progress of your plans submitted. Status will be posted and all conversations shall be done within Seamless (Conversation) to have as permanent record. All additional information and documents shall be attached within Seamless (Attached) to have as permanent record. By utilizing Seamless we are able to keep correspondences, questions, comments, requests and documents in one central location attached to specific file for reference.
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